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Do you want to build a web site? A dotcom? Do you want to include e-commerce, e-business, e-learning or e-publishing? The first step in considering an Internet strategy is to identify the overall goals of the business. See business planning and strategy planning. Then decide how your web strategy will address these goals and complement your off-line plans.

It's fairly easy these days to create a series of web pages. There are lots of people offering that service. In reality that is only part of the process. We help you through every stage to make your new business website a simple and effective project.

INTERNILE creats the difference between a business website that costs you money and a website that makes you money. We add that ingredient to change your website from a cost centre to a profit centre.

The pre-website consultancy exists to ensure that your site is built with the most appropriate objectives. It consists of an discussion with the Managing Director or other key person in the organisation. It will take about 2-4 hours

We'll cover the main functions of the company and where it's going. We'll do a SWOT analysis and get to understand what makes the company tick; what makes it different.
Everybody needs an Internet strategy Increasingly, all companies need an Internet strategy. Whether you are old economy or new economy, or "clicks and bricks", the Internet will impact on your business. Even if your strategy is to do nothing, it is worth deciding so. It is too late to ignore the Internet.
So what are you trying to achieve? Do you want to:-

  • Communicate news?
  • Build a corporate identity?
  • Distribute information?
  • Provide a live information source?
  • Purchase/find best-buys?
  • Sell - advertise, auction, shopping basket?
  • Get people to call you?
Each of these is likely to require a different approach. What is your most wanted response? Give us a call.

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